(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

I Am A Bird

I am a bird
stuck in a cage
such a structure would have suited me
at a differant stage
It is a cage
of childhood, imaturity, and greed
I peck at it's door
I so want to be freed
days have gone by
and the others move on
but here I am still
even when all of them are gone
the cage gets rusty
and vines wind their way through it's maze
I barely exist
in what has become a haze
of the past and
of the existing
But then he comes
In his hand is a key
and in one quick turn
he sets me free
he tells me I'm beautiful
he makes me smile
he makes my cage look so awful
but only for awhile
because I sneak back into the comfort
of it's confining walls of twisted wire
I told him I wouldn't go back there
I am such a liar
But suddenly the door slams
It is locked once more
I am stuck here forever
I am just as trapped as before
I am a bird
stuck in a cage
when will I ever
act my age

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