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I Am A Boxer

I stand alone when I fight
I use my intelligence and my might,
Then I use my left, followed up with my right;
I am a boxer.

I do not rely on no other man
I already know my battle plan,
Whatever I do, I will, and so I can;
I am a boxer.

I knowingly wait for that sounding bell
The scent of battle I can smell,
Victory later the judges will tell;
I am a boxer.

When I am inside that 18 square foot ring
I impatiently wait for that bell to ding,
Then with my lefts and rights and hooks I will swing;
I am a boxer.

In the bout there is only me and him
I am there for the desire and not for the whim,
I always look about me, and there is no them;
I am a boxer.

In our match only I can protect me
To win or lose I am that key,
I rely upon my own strengths, and my own ability;
I am a boxer.

I am afraid of no man when I walk down the street
There is no person that I am afraid to meet,
I know that anyone can be beat;
I am a boxer.

Someday on my tombstone all that will be wrote
Will be one simple line in note,
To which my belief and my life I did devote;

Randy L. McClave

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Standing alone to fight with might intelligence you convey your message. Being a boxer you know the battle plan. You are not at all afraid off. You have courage. Amazing poem is wisely penned and shared...10