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I Am A Desert Dog

There is gang of Dogs Near our villas. I took pictures of lovely pet that’s on the top of the grass areas, their born in a desert, hard life than our pet at home countries

I am a desert dog

No one help me to have my food
No one help me to bath
I was born in a desert
My living place is a Desert
That s and extremely hot
Have a several names
Names are spell by crossing peoples
Sometime I am afraid
They, the people said municipality truck will pick me up
Matter of hygiene
Matter of spread germs
But I was not a germ
I was not a dirty
I am clean
I am bubbling in a sun
My mother clean me by her tongue
We don’t have taps
We don’t have homes
We don’t have a food
Sometimes...I am lucky
Kinds hearted gave us a food
Some time water too
Take my picture I am a puppy
They love me
However I want to say...
I am a desert dog

O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2009
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2009

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the desert dog.......not only give the picture of the animal but many things inside the issue.........thank you for sharing.