SC (5.20.1970 / ELGIN)

I Am A Diamond

If you said what you wanted to say
And you hurt me everyday
Would I still need your love?

I can see your love is not enough?
And if you would need me? Why do I allow you to treat me this way?

Would our love stand still? The words you say rub me
the wrong way!

You can rub me
I am a diamond
You can rub me,
The more you rub me
the more I shine
People can rub me
But I am a diamond
I will shine more and more

And you think I am the one to blame
But I no longer live that game

Everything I wished for, is in me
Too bad it took me so many years to see?

The more you rub me, the more I will succeed?

Your words can only touch me.
But I will let them go.

I don't need anyone but me.........

I am diamond the strongest that can be...

I am diamond do you want to shine with me?

by Sita Cabrera

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