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I Am A Father

I am a father, and I have a child
I still love him even when he goes wild,
And for him a long and happy life I want him to live
And like a Father, God will forgive.
If my son does not obey my rules or the law
I will feel no hatred towards him, and in him I will see no flaw,
Of myself I don't want him to be scared, or to become a fretter
I just want him to try, and to always do better.
And if my son ever does anything morally wrong
I will always stand and walk beside him, to help him along,
And at anytime day or night to me if he ever needs to speak
I will listen, and if he wants help with his life, it I will help him critique.
Inside my home, I hope that my son will always believe
That him, I will always happily receive,
To do right and to be good is all from him that I ask
And to never judge, or to bully, or to hurt is such an easy task.
No matter what he has ever done or had ever said
I will never, ever want or wish my son to be dead,
My son will always be welcomed into my front door
As God welcomes his children in, without asking for more.

Randy L. McClave

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