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I Am A Ghost

No one sees me, or hears me when I talk
No one gets out of my way when I go for a walk,
I have a heart, but I can't hear it beating
I feel so cold and alone I am hungry, but I don't feel like eating.
Over there I look and I see my sister and also my brother
They are ignoring me as well, but sadly so is my mother,
I shout and then I scream, but no one seems to care
I then do the worse the drastic, I begin to swear.
But, it doesn't bother anyone they keep doing what they are doing
My temper which is very short it now beings to brewing,
One thing that I hate more than anything and that is being ignored
But, why are they doing this to me, what is their glory and reward.
Over there I now see my son I wonder why is he shedding tears
I must go over and comfort him from his sadness and fears,
I try to walk over to him, but for some strange reason I can't
Someone is holding unto my arm, it is my favorite (deceased) aunt.
I try to write my son a note, but a pencil I cannot hold
Then I try telling him of my adventures, I am trying to feel bold,
I want him to look at me, but he will not turn his head
I feel so very sad and lonely as if everyone there is dead.
Then I look down on the table and I see the local paper and the obituary
It speaks of the weather today, and who they are going to bury,
I now understand why I can't write, or interact, or even boast.
I am a ghost.

Randy L. McClave

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