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I Am A Hindu

I am a Hindu
And proud to be one
Combining the forces of nature
Hinduism is a way of life, rather than religion.
Of course it is not perfect
Got its own drawbacks and defects
It does not invade or convert people
On your life and mind are its effects
You can do what ever you want to
And still be a Hindu, you are always welcome
There are no strict rules or compulsion
Home itself is temple for some
Just be sincere, honest, do people good and do your duty
Everything is acceptable in Hinduism and that’s its beauty.

CR VGA(3/6/06)

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The least talked about thing by the Hindus is their own religion. So, it is but natural that people all around the world have various misconceptions about Hinduism. The least understood religion, in spite of having a minimum of 100 crore followers. If you can spare some time read 'HINDUISM'.
It is important to search because everyone's ideas, opinions, cannot be correct - different religions teach different things. How can we know which one is right? By taking in knowledge and determining this, based on facts and reasonings. Keep writing....Thank you.
this is a beautiful poem..every religion is dear to its followers.
Nice poem. What you say is true.... In the last line... ' else ' is not needed
Coming from a typical hindu family, I like the title of this poem very much. I rarely find people writing poem on hindu religion.