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I Am A Kentucky Wildcat

I will always be a Kentucky Wildcat
And that will always be that,
I was raised with them since I was born
Along with moonshine, tobacco, and corn.
I will watch every game that they ever play
And to their support I will never stray,
Before every game I will always say a prayer
And during the game, I willgive fistfuls of my hair.
They are the greatest college basketball team
And in their defense I will fight, curse and scream,
All the other teams that they play, they truly suck
If they beat us, it's only by trickery or by luck.
And just like my loving family clan
I too am a diehard, and dedicated Kentucky fan,
If you everlook upon my blouse or my dress
The U.K symbol is on it to impress.
And if you ever dare cheer for Kansas or Duke
You, my friend I will then rebuke,
The Kentucky wildcats are the greatest basketball team ever
And if you don't agree, our friendship you can now sever.
I have had heart attacks and fits while they played
But, beside them I have always stayed,
And whenever on the court my wildcats have appeared
I have always smiled and stood up and cheered.
I will be a Kentucky fan until the day that I die
And on that day I will release a Wildcat cry,
And when from this world I bid adieu
I will wear white, and I'll bleed Kentucky blue.

Randy L. McClave

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