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I Am A Liberal

I am a liberal they all cried
Because of the way that I think,
I am a liberal they all then sighed
As they took another drink.

I believe in all of our rights
But, I believe that many are outdated,
We should stand for peace and not for fights
For evil we none should be fated.

I do believe in reform
And as a Republican I do proudly stand,
We should all avoid a radical storm
With maxium freedom in our hand.

They have proudly raised their white flag
But, not for surrender only for war,
For bigotry and racism they did then brag
Then "For Russia! " they did all roar.

My beliefs many times I have wrote
Then they have told me that it couldn't worsen,
I said, "Yes" it can when you vote;
For a party and not for the person.

Randy L. McClave

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