I Am A Politician

How many arrows of sarcasm are there in your armour?
Waste them upon me,
As I have lost my self-respect
Somewhere in the world of flattery,
Now I have become an object of derision in every eye,
My day begins with flattery and it ends with the same,
I am the most shameless person on the earth,
I can put anything at stake to grind my axe,
I am the one who is an eyesore to the people,
They hate me and call me filthy beast,
But it doesn't matter
As long as my interest is served,
Inspite of their hatred
In the election,
I manage their votes,
For I soften them by my servile flattery,
They will never cease hating me,
And I shall never flattering them,
For politics is my religion,
And flattery is my faith,
I am a politician.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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