KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

I Am A Predator

I am a predator...

I seek out people who show their weakness and eat them for breakfast.

Only the strong will last long in this world of predators... It is the one that shows their weakness I seek to feed from and to destroy.

I no longer cry tears showing my weakness to no man or young boy, for love has no home here no longer dwells in this temple of mine.

For those of you that allows love to play a major part in your life I will prey on you like a predator searching for the next meal to kill.

My victims has no name for I seek only what I need, and will leave you for the next hunger predator that seeks you out and use you up until you become just like us no mercy, no pity, no shame in this game...

Just the strong will stay alive and I only seek out the weakest of the weak.

I am a predator but if you seen me you would never know unless I told you...

So take this time and understand the words that I am saying for this might just help to avoid your encounter of a predator, or even yet help you understand what you are.

Predator seeks out and feeds off of your weakness making you believe that they are there to help you find your way, they have a way with words but keep this in mind if a bee has honey in its mouth they will surly have a sting within their tail.

A predator is not just a loin or a wild beast, a predator come in human form as well, they are all ages, they come in every color, in every creed and they look just like you and me.

Predators are not going to look like some thing you seen on TV they are going to be that perfect form of a mate, beautiful to the eyes, understanding and a true work of Art from your creator.

Rest assure they will feed off your weakness until you have nothing left to give by the time they are done you would have had your life sucked out of your soul and this would be another untold story of a predator...

Which one will you become the feast or the beast?

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The bee mouths in honey stings within the tail..most excellent...iip