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I Am A Republican

I am a Republican from birth
As though tilled from the Earth,
And whenever or if ever I am bled
The color of my blood is always Republican red.
I am that one true party member
Whose belief is like that of a coal's ember,
It lies dormant, but inside there is a desire
For freedom and warmth it becomes a fire.
Like my fathers that have stood once before
I now stand in their shoes and I will roar,
We all are the same blood, we share the same belief
We held the same joy and experienced the same grief.
They stood against slavery, so they voted
And we don't believe in the rich staying bloated,
When first established we were noble and also hearty
We were proudly known as the Grand Old Party.
Like my fathers I do not stand for bigotry or racism
Nor do I believe in radicals or communism,
No matter of a person's belief or the color of their skin
If they want to be an American, I say "let them in".
I miss my party's grandness of its glorious past
When I first become a Republican I was an enthusiast,
Now sadly our party is known as an aristocrat
That is why I now must vote Democrat.

Randy L. McClave

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Love this! :) I am starting out as a writer. Come check out some stuff I'm working on!