I Am A Schizo-What?

Poem By Dave Tanguay

Why have they come to take me away?
Is it because I don’t see things their way?

The doctor believes my mind is unstable-
To adjust to society by my nature - I am unable

Living by these rules - requires the skills of a thief.
I always believed money - was the root of all grief-

Our leaders all speak a language I do not understand
Yet they claim they speak - from the law of the land

They speak of freedom, as though it was of any concern
For, the meaning of freedom I have yet to learn

Is freedom an alternative from living a life - with love?
For those who claim to be free, I want to be no part of

And doctor you say - in this land I’m not fit-
I AM FOR REAL! - are your credentials legit?

So before you diagnose me, - with an illness, I
Cannot pronounce-
Let me just say - this system we live under, - Is what
Makes my head bounce


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