VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

I Am A Valiant Woman

I am A real Woman.....the one
Who never look at men as sturdy support
Who deals with stress by graceful smile
Who feels deeply, love fiercely all
Who is soft but powerful, valiant and smart
Who is not a victim to be pitied or pointed out
Who is able, to face the reality, practically
Who doesn't need a validation
I change with the changing world
With my unique strength of modern thoughts.

by v.m.saraswathy munuswamy

Comments (4)

be real, be.valiant, be stable, woman with strong determination succeeds in life. my ten/ten
Very well written. Be proud of being a real woman. Go ahead and change with the changing world, up to a point. Don't ever discard your original values.
bravery is your birth right.....long live thy motivation...
Bravery! Who feels deeply. Nice work.