I Am A Writer Not A Defender Of Fantasies

As a writer I feel I am obligated,
To remain true to the expression I choose.
With an honesty depicted within to reach a point.
A point made I refuse to confuse.

I am 'not' a politician elected by popular vote,
To represent contituents...
Depending that I do that at my best to address.
I know what it is like to be oppressed,
Depressed and subjected to suppression...
By those believing my observations,
Should not offend or distress their delusions...
Kept to censor insights they do not approve.

I am a writer not a defender of fantasies.
To keep my experiences,
And the affect thay have had on me emotionally...
Unaddressed to appease those with concepts they wish,
Left deceived to leave my reality unconfessed.
What then would be the purpose of this gift,
God has blessed me with to express.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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