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I Am A Young School Boy

I am a young school boy,
With a white shirt and black tie,
I dream to fly high,
Like a falcon in the sky,
Not bothered how, what and why?

We are a gang of five,
I and my friends do try,
To read and play all the while,
I am a young school boy,

We have a sports teacher,
Who is a like bully bear,
His tantrums I don’t care,
I will follow our class teacher;

We have a teacher in science
We pray for his absence,
As we all are tense,
During his class of no nonsense;

We have a moral teacher,
Who is nothing less than a preacher,
He is always in sparkling white,
His lectures are also upright;

Sir George is teaching us history,
He is always in a mystery,
About the Hitler’s victory,
He is the best among the faculty,

We have a teacher in English,
She hates us being childish,
She always behaves bullish,
When home work we don’t finish;

We promise, not to touch smack,
Nor we change our dream track,
As it makes mind to crack,
I am a smart young school boy;

Mummy daddy behind my back,
To finish daily home work pack,
Before I change the track,
And run up to hit the sack,
I am a smart young school boy;

by Vidyadhar Durgekar

Comments (3)

You have very dexterously caught character of the schoolboy... And I something have learnt about yours teachers, but structure of school teachers almost identical, everywhere... Beautifully write... From my 10.. Best wishes, Tsira .
It's not how I remember my young school days, but it's certainly cute and very detailed. Simple rhyme fits the child-like narrative.
You have managed to capture the feelings of a school boy, a smart one too, with such accurate observations of his teachers. I wonder what my children would say of me.