I Am Afraid!

Poem By Joey Den

Here I wanted to be found,
from this nightamre that's knocking me down
I've smiled to fool around
I've laughed to be in the safe side

I wanted nothing more than to be home,
without a fight and without a war
but whereever I go I hear the sounds
inside my head I wanted to die

I fear from the silence to hear my fears
then I become a slave to my own dreams
let them control me while I am asleep
and I say nothing only the sound of my tears

I am afraid to be so alone
though I felt this way long time ago
but I found the people who I could trust
but where are they when I needed them most?

I am afraid to let them know
the truth that will put me below
you were nothing more than a show
hey! it's okay the time is gone

Comments about I Am Afraid!

Well done Joey. Excellently expressed, solidly founded and brillantly realised. Just wonderful.

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4,5 out of 5
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