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I Am Alone...
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I Am Alone...

I m Sitting Here Alone
Realizing Your Gone
I Know I Cant Change Things
I Know I Was Wrong

They All Say I Don’t Need You
They All Say I m Better Off
They Don’t Understand I Love You
Yet I Never Said It Enough

I Regret What I Did
But I Cant Take It Back
Wish I Could Hold You
I Want You Back

I Know You Deserve Better
I Know I m Messed Up
But Cant Go On Without You
I Miss You So Much

Baby I m Sorry
I Know I Said It Before
I Mean It More Than Ever
Knowing Our Loves Now Behind A Closed Door

I Didn’t Realize What I Had
Till I Lost You
My Heart Bleeds Inside
I Cant Forget You

Cant You Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Me
Love Me Once Again
Tell Me Everythings Alright
Tell Me Its Not The End

Yet I Know The End Is Now
I Know You’ll Never Love Me Again
I m Sorry Baby
That I Was The One To Let You Down

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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