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I Am Alone

As I walk within and about my house
I think of the bad people that would like to do me wrong
So now I lock my doors and windows before I go to bed
As my forgiveness is short, but my memories are long,
In the past I have been called too trusting of a man
I try to believe what is told or what is said to me
I think no one would deliberately cause me pain or harm
But then sometimes my vision is clouded, so I cannot see,
I truly would rather be surrounded by an enemy
Than being with a lying, untrustworthy person or friend
As I am prepared for a strangers schemes and also their lies
So against them and their ways, I am ready to defend,
In life we all are prepared for pain and hurt and lies
When it comes to us by accident or from someone that we do not know
But when we receive it by a friend or family member we are in shock
As we cannot ever understand the reason, for that ugly blow,
I turn off the lights and then I crawl in my bed and I am all alone
Now I truly prefer to sleep with just my pillow and me
As I have been in bed with a woman that I had loved long ago
But she proved to be antagonist, so now I sleep with nobody,
It would be much better for anyone to grow old all alone
Than being with a cheat and a liar to the very end
Now I don't have to worry about betrayal and lies any more
So sleeping alone in my situation, I would greatly recommend,
I don't ever want to wake up with a knife in my back
And I don't want to wake up to anger or hate
I don't want to wake up to a love who now is my foe
When I wake up, I want to arise with a love that won't deteriorate,
So now as I lie on my bed I think while I try to fall asleep
I still have nightmares and memories that hurt and chill me to the bone
Strangers and accidents they no longer worry or bother me
But the fear of the betrayal of a love frightens me, so now I am alone.

Randy L. McClave

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Not a poem. This is you thinking about stuff. Poetry has tempo and rhythm; this doesn't. Keep practicing.
you look at the world with your dark glasses. you are not alone there are also good people on earth you can trust if you can connect with them and above all there is God who is always with you and take care of you.