SKB (4th December 1966 / Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India)

# I Am Alone While At The Sea Shore

I am alone while at the sea shore
I sense the waves murmur in finest chore

Around the waving boughs nearby
I hear the same music murmuring soft and fly

Like a Seagull's first love inside the deep
My voices now surrender in profound sleep

I feel the Ocean is about to turn
My heart raptures; my world now taciturn

I take an Oyster and kiss her a sweet
The pearl whispers, 'I am coming to meet'

I see the Crabs crawling on virgin sands
Like a Painter’s brush in amber fades

Here I hear the soliloquy of my Master
I feel a passion to dissolve inside this water!

14.04.2010 Shamik Bose Calcutta

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