AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

I Am Also Known As Lilith

I wish you tonight
into a thousand and one pieces-
and I wish my hands weren't so alone, resting on
the nakedness of your pillow

I wish the moon could warm the night-
Autumn wears a shawl of wind

The silence lives: the epitome of invisibility-
but there are stars that watched
our hearts and words tangle 'round
the universal tongue,
into a strange language-
half ambiguous, half frail
as though our communication were
an uncoordinated sign language-
spoken with an invisible octave
and heavy accent, so thick that
even when I traveled
the lonesome roads of your exterior
seeking passage into the wreckage
of your internal city-
I was a foreigner
in a land which had no interpretation

There is a common bond between
sulfuric rocks and stellar gods-
they all exist in
the universe nostalgia navigates-
The secret, a whisper
which crept from the all seeing eye,
a final, frantic ember of sky

Tonight, I wish you into a thousand and one peaces
and turn for divine intervention,
to my own arms

by Amberlee Carter

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Reading your words is as good as a fresh cup of coffee. Joe
Beautiful. This is beautiful.