I Am Always Willing To Learn

I don't mind being played a fool.
The only challenge I have,
Is pretending I am not aware of it.
And getting bored by the time it takes,
For those going out of their way...
To perceive me to be,
Someone they can make...
A better fool they have made themselves.

'Why would you play games,
With people like that? '

I am always willing to learn,
From those who teach me how to win.
I regard this as common sense.
Whatever they teach is not at my expense.
I find it cost effective and a benefit,
To divorce and detach myself quickly...
From those who are fools.
To leave them paying the price,
For the misunderstanding.

'But don't you regard that as manipulation? '

Of course!
If I'm going to be played to be someone's fool,
Why not take advantage of the situation?

'You are not as stupid as you pretend.'

I'm doing the best I can to do that better.
Any suggestions?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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very inspirational poem............this poem is the best portrait of a heap of truths..........great poem, enjoyed it.