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I Am American

'I am American', I shout
When the flag marches on by,
I am American, and I am proud
As her glory comes to my eyes.
For the flag that which I live for
Is by the same that I will die
For I am proud and free; I am American,
And forever, I pray she flies.
On the streets of America
Upon the streets of the World
I walk in such pride and vigor
Whenever the flag is unfurled.
I am an American that is me
I'll proclaim that through out my life
I will live the way by which she flies
Unto the day, that I die.
And when I have no more breath to breathe
Or when the Worlds fighting is through
I will have lived and died an American
And my flag, she would have proudly flew.

Randy L. McClave

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Very understandable, one must respect one's flag, but so should one respect the flags of other nations. A patriotic write indeed!