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I Am An Aboriginal
PB (15/05/51 / Carlton Vic)

I Am An Aboriginal

I’m black
I have no issue with that
You’re white
I have no issue with that
You are different
I understand that

I am very different
Not sure who understands that
White Australians do not

To them I am a burden
A Bludger just a blackfella
A bung
An Abo

What I really am is proud

Your white prejudice
Will never allow you to be the same

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Comments (2)

You are aboriginial, white, black, asian, or whatever...we all human with hearts that deserve respect love and beautiful life...after all skin and origin is not what differentiate us in God's eyes...We have soul that has no ethnicity as we are carved to be a living one that play important role...I am proud as you love as who you are... Because thats what God wants, love to each others beyond the differences. :)
I hope attitudes change and we can all live together as Australians. All power to you.