I Am An African

Poem By Poppie Mira

I am an African
I was born in Africa
Suckled mother Africa breast
I am beauty Africa

I stand under blue skies
Over drastic mountains
To behold vibrant countries
And feel at home

I bow down to salute heroes
Died on struggle
Striving Africa liberation
Development and capacity

Hail Africa
You are our mother
Feeding us with prosperity
Anointing us with acceptance

Africa is my mother
She will never fade
Gloom or cease
I am an African

Comments about I Am An African

Every African born, has something to write about this wonderful land, and every african poet has some pride over this land, and I am super glad that you also have something to write about this land, You are really an african, and I respect that with every corner of my heart, this has been a great write indeed, The_African_Son

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