I Am An American

Even during a crisis...
There will still be those,
Who will need their eyebrows done.
Fresh weaves to pick.
Nails polished.
And scentless deodorant sticks.

There will still be those,
Who need their weekend with the boys,
With computer gadgets and other toys.
The cheating on their wives.
And those three somes enjoyed...
Most likely with guys!

And even dressed to jog...
It doesn't matter how they do it.
They will shop, eat out, rent or buy their movies.

One thing is certain...
Even during a crisis,
Those programmed to ignore it...
Can not be told they can not afford,
The luxury of spending another dollar.

They will look at you as if to say...
'How dare you tell me the way to spend what I don't have?
Whose debt is this?
Whose poor credit am I financing it with?
Whose delusions are these?
I rate myself on a scale of my needs.

THIS is the way I am going to enjoy my suffering!
With or without your approval!
And without a dime in my pocket!

I am an American!
And I will do as I please.
Even if that means giving 'image' to others!
And 'that' is my duty!
To stimulate and delude.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

u handled your biznez. and one more thing. those who read trade martin & ronald stroman... also read.......... toilet paper. (lol)
Right on Lawrence.....! ! !