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I Am An American Viking

I am a Viking, strong, brave and fierce
Offend me once, and though your heart my pen will pierce,
Be weary of me, because I enjoy to fight and plunder
And whenever I talk, you will hear Thor's thunder.
When I am near, every man better fear for his life
As I will surely take it, and I will also happily steal his wife,
I am fearless and known for my adventures and my deeds
My conquests and my desires are shouted out in pleads.
I never travel by ship, instead I travel by car and plane
Over a people or a person, someday I will surely reign,
I carry only my wallet and my fists are at my side
Women will run up to me, while their men just run away to hide.
I enjoy to drink and fight, adventures I will always seek
From a battle I will not walk away, or turn the other cheek,
I am legendary, and I am told that my looks are very striking;
I am an American Viking.

Randy L. McClave

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