I Am Anonymous.

I roam in your alley ways,
on your streets,
in your homes,
you may know me,
you may not.

I see all of your actions,
i am man........... i am the wind,
i am as you are,
and as you wish you could be,
i am the possibilities in life,
and the mystery it holds in it's decrepit shivering hands,
i am the truth of society,
the epitome of freedom,
the lack of destiny,
and your hope rests within my being.

And as you stand on your pedestal of lust,
greed and deadly sins in which you believe is the truth,
i know what you wonder,
and why you question what you question,
But you will never know what i.....am,
I will always know what you are,
because no mystery lies in those eyes of yours,
but my eyes you will never see,
Your eyes are filled with many many things,
mystery being the utmost least of those things.


by Sandra jacks

Comments (3)

Believe it or not, I understand this one because the author never lost me along the way. The author is very spiritual and tied to God by love. It is this connection which keeps her separated from her surroundings. GW62
mystery imagery story all in one with a good theme.Interesting poem
very interesting, i like the way you write as i have read a few of your poems prior to this one. i enjoyed readin it very much.