I Am Aware

I lost everything, and everyone
Time ceased to make sense to me
It was like living was a task
No longer a joyful experience
But harsh and painful
My eyes couldn't even form tears
My face was frozen in the same shock
Alone that's what I was
No one was left
I had nothing left to lose
I'm gone
I realize that now
I'm gone, away from myself
and I was never coming back
I could prepare myself for anything
But not this
it was too much to ask
I sit in darkness, and I pray for light
Something to illuminate my world
but it never comes
So I sit defeated
there is no victory for the loser
I have lost
I am aware of that
I Am Aware

by Chocolate Bunny

Comments (1)

it's true, i can feel the pain in this as well. very well expressed. i give it a ten