I Am Because Of You

As long as you think I am
Then I shall forever be,
For I am everything for you
I am what you make of me.

I am no longer who I was
For you turned my life around,
You hold me tight to my sanity
And keep my feet upon the ground.

When the world begins to spin
And daylight turns to night,
I know your love surrounds me
And I know I'll be all right.

And on the days when I'm confused
And can't make right out of the rain,
I know you'll be there to catch me
And be the Band-Aid to my pain.

And when my sun refuses to shine
And there are no stars up in my sky,
You'll be the anchor to my sailing ship
Or spread my wings and help me fly.

When my world has no direction
And I know not where to turn,
You'll be my shelter in the storm
Of life's hard lessons learned.

When the colors of my rainbow
Become as mixed up as I feel,
I know I can count on you
To remind me of what is real.

You are the breath I breathe
Whenever I start to drown,
You are the one who finds me
When I'm no where to be found.

Without you I am nothing
For you are everything to me,
You are the force that sustains me
And gives me life eternally.

Where ever I walk in this world
You are always at my side,
Never would you let me give up
Without ever having tried.

For this and many more
I give my thanks to you,
For without you here beside me
I could never see this thru.

As long as you are with me
I will survive this time,
You lend to me your strength
And help me to make it mine.

by Kristi Day

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