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I Am Black Hawk
OW (29-5-1945 / Hobart Tasmania)

I Am Black Hawk

Poem By Osceola Waters

I am Black Hawk, you say who,
Black Hawk i reply,
You the white man can not hide your shame,
Time that's ever lasting will not erase your guilt,
Or the actions of criminals,
History books, may gather dust,
The written word may tell of conquests,
Of victory's won,
You may hide the truth amongst the words,
Honesty and truth evaded,
Pride and honesty becomes a fallacy,
The spoken word of our fore bearers,
Travels with the wind, down through time,
Exposes and blows the dust off history books,
Cobb webs elasticized become electrified,
Shimmer in the draft and catch the lies,
That are evicted from books of old,
And exposed lies told,
Murder committed, at Bad Axe River,
In cold blood by cowards born,
Mother's and baby's easily dispatched,
The sand of the beach will always be red,
Never white,
The water will always flow, with the spirits of the dead,
The cries will drift in the four directions of the wind,
The white man thinks that time will cover their dastardly deeds,
That the sand will cover this killing place,
And all will be forgotten and distinguish our seeds,
The eagle will come home to roost,
The Great Spirit will raise his fist,
The hammer of judgment will come crashing down,
America will be the home of the Indian once more,
Harmony will return to our Mother again,
Forests will stand tall once more,
Rivers will flow free and pure with out stain,
The buffalo will be abundant once more,
The people who are alien to our Mother Earth will be cast out,
I Black Hawk will return with my people,
All will emerge from the darkness,
And come out into the light,
The lost tribes will be again,
The rainbow will become a full circle,
The Master of Breath will walk amongst us,
The sun shall shine upon all,
The rain will still fall,
And the seasons four will still decorate the scene,
The moon will travel across the night sky all aglow,
Fractured crystals will capitulate the sun light,
They will high light an empty space,
Beauty will envelope all,
Our Blue Star will be our home again,
My vision my dream.
Osceola Bird Man Waters.

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Well, everyone who knows me will understand that this piece of writing will get a 10. Never mind that it was written well. However a piece is written in blood and with the truth behind it will get my approval. The greatest atrocities committed in the history of the world were committed here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. GW62