I Am Bones

I am only bones
you ask me to be me
but me is not what you want to see
you see him her and him
but if you look into my eyes
there is no disguize
Im only bones

It doesn't matter what you say
I'm unique in my own little way
maybe you'll except me someday
but today
im only bones

my life is like a child playing chess
everytime i move a pawn
you knock me down one by one
but yet i dont throw down my king
i have my own voice
like a puppet with no string
i make my own choice
but still i am only bones

in a maze of bent mirrors
i cant see myself clear
these mirrors confuse me
but i know who i am
and i know where i stand
but i....am only bones
i try to ease your pain
and i try so hard to please you
but in vain
but what do you expect
when will you except
me for me
someday i hope you will let me
call this place home
because everyday you dont
i break another

by Cameron Brooks

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