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I Am Born/Human
T (1985 12 27 / kagiso)

I Am Born/Human

Poem By 107 tshepzen

The world is so big,
Who are this people?
Smiles all over their faces,
i am born.

Life's journey to places,
dreams full of possibilities,
goals endless and satisfatory,
I am born.

Smooth sailing always isnt,
bumpy road i hit,
confused i am,
give up wont i,
i am born.

Happiness road i aslo taken,
How i wish it was longer,
for sweet days is all it consists,
i am born.

Love i have also known,
Left a bitter sweet taste,
Its the road i never should taken,
I am born.

Everything i learned,
All i have experienced,
Makes me human,
I am born

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Comments (1)

As we age we learn more and more. A great poem.