NMP (05-30-1980 / Milton, FL)

I Am Breathing...

My dreams are thieves
Stealing sweet sleeping hours away
Leading me right into each day
each hour of light blinding me

O Darkness, yes she is shoveling out days
This waiting has consumed me
Yet I continue to wait
ah yes, I am waiting
I breathe but I am heavy
So thick, so heavy

I breathe and I sink
O' in your head I am
My soul fighting and I beat my legs
Kicking up and kicking up yet I am failing
Thrown back down by the days rage
I am shivering so cold; drowning in this thickness
I can’t seem to find enough air to float
Only sink further in this parallel hell

Mouth gaping open and I am shot down afraid
Sinking in my very own breath
Am I breathing?
My voice is unspoken- fears echoing earth shattering screams
Help me please, can you not hear me
Remove this armor of steel
Heavy anchors pinned me down here
Only please hold me hostage from you
This all kept me from being you
Caught in your undertow of sanity
I found my dispair
Sirens have cleared this urgency for air
Well I am breathing

by Natalie Michelle Prince

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