I Am Common To All [poet]

I am the air so nothing will be my boundaries and
nothing will control me to write
I am the water nothing will polute me and
nothing will restrain me to flow
I am the fire nothing will near me to exploit and
nothing will misuse me, mis handle me
I am common to all and
none can claim my thoughts and my poems
My heart will shed tears on all disasters
wherever it may happen, I t will shed tears
My mind will run behind all Sufferers and
my hands will be ready to heal their pains
No boundaries to me and to my humanity
May be I am an Indian
I will be the first man to go to rescue in their problems
My religion is human my language is Love and
my country and ruler is Peace
Yes my country and ruler is Peace
The entire globe is my home and
all the lives are my blood relations
Welcome to my heart it is so huge to
keep all of you in it with love and Peace

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Very noble thoughts indeed!