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The Third Side
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The Third Side

Deep sea and the sharp sharks
and before me, on the land, the dogs bark,
joining hands for help to save me from these darks,
and they were just playing with me with dangerous larks
and even God wasn’t there to sail my drowning boat.
I was lamenting with the malicious men in the fort
and after there, was a sharks’ coat
they’re millions and I the one; might be caught.

The ghastly ghosts covering me from three sides
and starving sharks thundering me besides
and they both were eating me like termites.
No hoary hawk found on the way
and I was only the man on the bay;
and my hopes were scattered as a particle of sand from clay.

Slowly-Slowly they’re coming near with their bullet hose.
They’re looking as a vicious virus standing close
and I was utterly scared and my mind was going to lose,
but then I memorize a saint’s words in a prose-
“Never lose your honest heart where is the great God
and never forget that Lord who gives thee a protective pod
then the third side will help thee to break even a foe’s rod”
Thus, my courage moved on in their dangerous sod

So I think to find my precise path
and I started my calculative math
to get away from the wraiths’ wrath
As they gained up their swift speed
then I started to heed
and I picked my stick and came in deed

Who’re the sharks and who’re the ghosts?
I forget as I do and my fear was luckily lost
and my intelligent idea reached at my coast
and from the coast I saw the sea sand most.
I threw on them making a silent storm
And my guard, the sand, gets into the eyes of the men like worms
I felt as a millionaire from my life norm
And hence I found the third side and get away from the storm

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