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I Am Crazy For Your Love..

As morning starts up, I awaken early,
You are always dearly stuck inside my mind,
The green grass is wet with dewdrops and sparkling diamonds,
Birds chirp lovingly and the soft wind blows,
yet I am forever alone Where are you?
You're such a wonder of GOD's creation,
With a lovely sweet smile, you keep me mesmerized.
I run across the grasses onto such barren lands just to try and touch your beauty,
I'm feeling distress, whenever I fail in my attempts to reach you and you fail too - making me cry Will you ever know how much I love you?
Time's passing us by,
whenever you mistakenly look at me,
I find myself upon that deep blue sea - spinning in waves.
I am crazy. Yes, I have become so crazy for your love,
You might not feel the same way that I do, But I am here and will always be here for you.
For these stars, the brightened moon - they are so true.
My love is ever real and my heart beats for you.
In this way our days come passing us by. Will you ever feel my thoughts and wipe these tears dry?
When the whole world sleeps,
I remain here, awake.
With the moon and stars beside me at this window gate.

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