I Am... Depression

I AM the sorrow deep inside
I AM where there is no pride
I AM the thing you despise
I AM the reason for your unexplainable fatigue
I AM the one that makes you cry
I AM the fear you have when expressing cheerfulness
I AM your disease
I AM the pain you want to destroy
I AM your tears flowing down your cold face
I AM the reason you want to die
I AM the grief that makes you ask why
I AM your confusion
I AM your dillusion of entanglement
I AM your distress
I AM the douht that you will be cared
I AM the sorrow deep inside

P.S. THis was an english school assignment

by Shane Clawson

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Powerful, fantastic and hot. I can hear every line of this masterpiece of yours, I don't know what it is but whatever it is, it does make me upbeat to read the ideas I've always had on my mind. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Kind Regards Mohammad