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I Am Dracula

All the stories are true and the legends are real,
I exist, i am here, i am now,
The night is my allie, the day is my enemy,
I wear the darkness as i wear my cloak,
the castles crypt is were i dwell,
the casket is were i sleep,
your life is immortal, a mere second,
where mine is eternal, forever,
your cities are my hunting grounds,
your people are my prey,
your blood shall be my wine,
i shall drink it fresh and warm from your veins,
My very being shall be your dread,
your terror shall be my pleasure,
your demise should be swift but not without pain,
your final vision in life shall be of me,
your only hope of salvation, from behind your crucifix,
you live in fear of even the mere mention of my name,

by Dominik The Juggalo

Comments (2)

If dracula does exist, but its still a good poem.
Good imaginations! but do you believe at all