I Am Dying...

living with broken heart is the most hardest things....no chance of survival...

I am dying...

You remember how I love you
You remember how I kiss you
I remember how you love me
I remember how you kiss me
You leave me....
In a place at nowhere
I am stuck
Couldn’t imagine
Couldn’t dream
All kisses has dry
All memories become a still
Now I am at dark moment
Young life is over
No more blues
No more kisses
I am freezing
Think where has to go?
Think where is true love?
Hey! You...
My love...
You have leaved me in pain
You have leaved me in dying
I am live with broken heart
Time is short
I am dying...

O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2010
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2010

by Palitha Ariyarathna

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It is hard to survive a broken heart, yet well written