GTP (December 1988 / Born in California but my 'Homeland' will always be Missouri)

Straight Up Sevens!

The Seventh hour
The Seventh day
Two Thousand and Seven years after death....

The Dream real
The Meaning conceal
Yet I know the truth of this moment of time

My Brother gone
In Spirit lives
Inside yearns this second this bliss becomes

In Utterance unspoken
Truths' depth unknown
In watchful stance I shall awaiting this arrival

The Seventh hour
The Seventh day
Two thousand and Seven days after his death......................

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scared of the love that will never come Rachel Ann Butler
Hi Glaedr the Poet, i like what you have written, but i do find it a tad depressing. I urge you to continue with this poem until you reach the point where you are crying. I walked down your road once before, and today i stand proud when i say, 'I am... TRUTH.' it's who you are. it's what you'll live. it's what you have to give
i love how you are so simple then go into detail.... i might have to use this in some of my poems....spacific and saying everything.......yet words speak the truth were are you from? ? ? ? me by jeff
This poem is so true about life cause life really is depressing.........
It is a bit depressing - but hey, that's poetry, eh? The mood and tone and structure are all very supporting of your main theme and express your (emotion) very powerfully. Good work!
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