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I Am Free

Every day it’s a struggle, just to get out of the bed in the morning. I think about the day to come. I smile, but only on the outside. I cry, but only on the inside. You look at me, u judge me. But you don’t see me. You only see the girl next to me... with her flowing golden hair, her polished nails, her perfection. But you don’t really see her, u only see skin deep. And when you look at me, you see through me. If only you couldn’t see, you could only know. Then who would you respect more? You read this, but few understand this. Hear me; hear this; I am not, who you think I am. I am free. You are trapped. In your line of thought. So you couldn’t possibly understand what’s different, or why, because it’s outside of that line of thought. You think you pity me, but you really fear me. You fear the idea of me. When you should really envy me. Because I am free.

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Hi Babes...don't borrow someone else's spectacles 2 view urself wid..u r God's unique gift to the world... U R FREE Indeed... Be proud 2 b so... God Bless...