I Am Free

“I am free”

I am free, have filled in the crack
From the plagued world
Just keep going, Can not look back
Forgiven sins

I have walked the wire between light and fire
A town, a city, a country, no a kingdom
Appeared to me on the heavenly spire
Repent your selfish sins and resurrect your spirit

Please step back, follow the paved road do not
For God has slaved to make his own
To follow his tightens God’s truelove knot
The journey initiates now

The temptations, the bitter taste, the time for evil, is finally at an end
The fires of the devil will be quelled as if a cleansing flood came
Inner spirit grows stronger for every step in the crusade for now to ascend
So that when the gleaming pearly gates appear, readiness will too

The vanishing of the dismal debris
A perfect utopia like an ideal Eden
Through God’s caressing hands I now am free
Like a white dove soaring through his nurturing landscape

by Gregory Deye

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