I Am From#2(Written On April 20,2009)

I am from coloring books
From hairdye and gummy bears
I am from the garden in front of my house
Full of life and beauty
I am from the red lace leaf
The japanese maple in my front yard
I am from the little man with the green beard
From blue eyes and dark brown hair
From Todd Loren and Sandy Sue
And the Burnworth family tree
I am from sleepin in on weekends
And talking way too much
From because i said so
And youre worth more than u think
I am from a christian family
But rarely ever going to church
I am from Lakewood Washington
From butterscotch fudge and homemade brownies
From the mother that refused to accept me
And the stepmom that believed in me when I ceased to believe in myself
I am from the scrapbooks
Made by me and my friends
Full of poetry and pictures
And memories that we'll never forget

In this poem i mention the little man with the green beard...it is a family tradition that my stepmoms grandma started...on new years eve you put your shoes out by the door before you go to bed and the little man with the green beard puts stuff in your shoes...it really silly but who cares!

by Elizabeth Burnworth

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it is silly but it makes family traditions worthwhile and priceless..great poem