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I Am From Iran

I Am From Iran

How medias can change my hospitality?
When I have a heart as big as sky,
When I am full of love
When every smile make me happy
and a sad face make me dawn
I am from Iran!
A country that was ruined by Arabs, as Syria is now
Men were killed by an old version of ISIS
Women and children were taken as slaves
They destroyed every symbol of civilization
They raped women and girls
But they couldn't destroy history and culture
They couldn't destroy my language
They couldn't destroy my hospitality
I am from Persia
From Persian gulf

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You are brave to draw such a comparison. Since those historic events long ago, many Iranians have lived their lives as honest, humble believers. As a people, they accepted a faith that came to their land and they made it fully their own. Perhaps this is hospitality in the largest sense! Perhaps it is no accident that the great poet Rumi was born in the Persian sphere of influence. He did not just embrace a system of belief: his big heart suffused it with love! Indeed, no one can take hospitality away from Iranians. In my poem Khaju Kerman Park I mention Iran's hospitality toward a guest like me.