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I Am From The Place Of
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I Am From The Place Of

I am from the place of the gray hooded crow
Where the Cails and Finnow to the Blackwater flow
Far north of here even as the bird does fly
A long journey by sea or a long journey by sky.

I am from the place where the badger at night
Is searching for food in the fields in moonlight
Where the dipper does sing in the clear mountain rill
That babbles downland from the field by the hill.

My first breath of air in the World I did draw
In the home of the rook and the gray headed daw
That is going back in time many decades ago
When the old hill was in his Winter hat of snow.

I am from the place of the tiny brown wren
Whose loud song does echo in the bushy glen
The place where I first looked on the lamp of day
From where I live now quite a journey away.

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