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I Am From The Place Where The Green Rushes Grow
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I Am From The Place Where The Green Rushes Grow

I am from the place where the green rushes grow
In the fields of the brown hare and silver back crow
And a little of Nature's ways i came to know
Of where Finnow to the Blackwater ever does flow

And since i am one unworthy of literary note
I cannot lay claim to the title of poet
Though for many years i have been a rhyming buff
And i am one who has penned many pages of stuff

And here in this great sunny Land of the south
There is plenty in Nature for to write rhymes about
On this pleasant evening in early January
A silver billed magpie is piping on a sunlit wattle tree

And familiar to many and familiar to me
The song of the magpie larks that sound like pee wee
Medium sized black and white birds i do see and hear every day
From where humans frequent they are never far away

And though her wonders are many and her secrets not few
Of Nature every day we do learn something new
That in life we never stop learning does seem true to say
Though all of the wisdom and knowledge we acquire with us may not stay

Till the day we do die whenever that will be
Though most things of the past live in our memory
And though the best days in my life in the forever gone
For as long as i live i hope to rhyme on.

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What beautiful imagery, I feel like I just got to visit a new place in a poem :)