I Am Glad, I Am Getting Old

Every morning when I feel the sunshine,
filtering in my room over the hills and trees,
I remember my care free childhood mornings,
when my parents would happily toss me up and down in air,
I remember the beautiful dawn of my married life,
when me and my wife would feel eternally bonded together in the sunshine,
Now I am all alone welcoming the cheerful day,
The shadows of the past have made me think that I am getting old.

I look at my picture album sometimes,
I wonder why my hairline is shrinking away,
I wonder why it is getting harder to chew the food everyday,
I wonder where my adrenaline is gone these days,
why can't I play the soccer and the tennis as I used to,
till my kids and people around me remind me,
that I am not only getting old, but I am old.

I used to look for respect in my younger days,
till I realized that the respect is given not expected,
now I find it everywhere even from people I never knew,
Now I feel relaxed with no fears and pressures of life's turmoil’s,
I love young and old, I try to find the meaning of my life,
I am at peace with myself, I am in love with nature,
I am glad, I am getting old.

by Jay P Narain

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It would be nice to age with..... .... Preeti has said it well - You sure are, ageing gracefully!
Awwww...very few people feel the way u do about ageing..hmmm..ur ageing gracefully... nice poem~