I Am Glad One Of Us Does

Where do you pick up your IFS and BUTS?
You are quite proficient with their use.
Your escapades with excuses,
Are notoriously known.
And you have been consistent,
With an accepted inefficiency.
An effort that disqualifies you as remarkable.
Yet qualifies your abilities,
As a dangerous role model to follow.
And no pity you accept should be interpreted for praise.

WHERE did you purchase this mentality?

Too many with this mindset,
Should be feared for their lack of basic comprehension.
If it is easy for them to gather IFS and BUTS...
What else could they be hiding?
Like those who say, 'You know what I'm saying? '
And you have not one clue,
Why 'you' are the one expected to know.

'You know what I'm saying?
Do you?
I am glad one of us does! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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