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I Am Grateful To Be Here

I am grateful to be here where beyond the sky is the limit
All carry the torch of freedom so bright and that is lit
All races, Jews, Christian, Hindu, Moslem whatever you believe in
Under one flag, in God we trust and that we mean
Our forefathers came from all over the world with a dream
A dream to have freedom and happiness the main theme
To Share, to Care, to Love, one nation with equal right
We walk tall, in our heart a beacon of hope forever bright
A land where any one could be whatever they want to be
A land where every one has the same chance and can think free
A land where rainbow dances in every one's heart
A land of milk and honey, bountiful, a fun mart
A land of pioneers, forever searching the new frontier
Exploring, inward, outward beyond the unreachable star
A land of free spirit, undaunted unstoppable beyond comprehension
Undefinable, a fathom that has no dimension
God Bless America forever and ever, never let her die
Let the torch of freedom light up the heaven & beyond the sky

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